Investment Legislation

Zimbabwe enacted a new Investment Code 2007, the ZIA Act to form the Zimbabwe Investment Authority. The Zimbabwe Investment Authority (ZIA) is the country's investment promotion body set up to promote and facilitate both foreign direct investment and local investment. ZIA is an institution born out of the merger of the Export Processing Zones Authority (EPZA) and the Zimbabwe Investment Centre (ZIC). This was done to create a one stop Investment shop for quicker and easier facilitation of investment.

The Investment Code is applicable to both foreign and domestic investors. ZIA was established to;

  • To plan and implement investment promotion strategies for the purpose of encouraging investment by domestic and foreign investors;
  • Facilitate and process investment applications for approval
  • To identify sectors of the economy with potential for investment for the purpose of attracting domestic and foreign investors;
  • To promote the decentralization of investment activities in accordance with the development policy of the Government;
  • To promote and co-ordinate investment activities in enterprises or sectors of the economy which are of strategic importance to national development

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