Cost of Doing Business in Zimbabwe

This section provides information on the various departments that an investor may encounter in the process of registering investment in Zimbabwe including the costs and timeframes associated.

 Process Agency Cost Time Frame
Enquiry on investing in Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Investment Authority (ZIA) No charge  
Company Registration Registrar of Companies $145 6 working days
Exchange Control Approval (Dilution) Reserve Bank Of Zimbabwe (RBZ)   2 weeks
Investment Approval ZIA Application Fee US$500,
Licence Fee US$2 500.
5 working days
Consideration of Indigenisation
plan Indigenisation Compliance Certificate
Ministry of Youth, Indigenisation and Economic  Empowerment National Indigenisation and  Economic Empowerment Board (NIEEB) - Compliance Certificate No charge US$500.00 -
US$5 000.00 (depending on  certificate applied for)
1 week
From 2 days - 1 month
Application for Residence Permit Immigration Control Department US$500 Within 3 weeks
Application for Work Permit Immigration Control Department US$500 2- 4 weeks
Registration for Tax Heads Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) No charge 1-2 days for all (except for VAT which takes 20 days)
Registration with NSSA NSSA No charge 1 day
Application for Environmental Impact Assessment Certificate
1.Prospectus submission,
2.EIA report,
3. EIA extension of validity.
Environmental Management Authority (EMA)) - US$120.75
- 1,5 % of Total Project Cost
- US$220,50
- 20 working days
- 60 working days
- Over the counter
Licencing with LAs Local Authorities Varies with type of license Varies with type of licence
Application for Registration as a Designated Tourist Facility
NB:-other licenses granted by other authorities e.g. National Parks, depending on activity
Zimbabwe Tourism Authority

Hotel – US$450
Restaurant / Lodge – US$300

2 -3 Weeks
Registering of Mining Title Ministry of Mines and Mining Development Varies with type of title being sought; range from US$350 - $100 000 Ranges from 24hrs- 3months

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