• Zimbabwe is a mineral rich country with great potential for further discoveries.
  • The country has a huge and highly diversified mineral resource base dominated by two prominent geological features namely the great dyke and ancient Greenstone Belts also known as Gold Belts.
  • About 60% of the country’s land is said to comprise of ancient rocks renowned worldwide for hosting rich varieties of minerals resources including gold, base metals (e.g. Nickel ,Copper ,Zinc and lead) and industrial minerals (limestone, Phosphates ,Clay and Dolomites) Zimbabwe has got the second largest deposits of platinum in the world
  • The mining industry in Zimbabwe is expected to continue growing on the back of firming mineral prices and rising output in 2012.
  • The sector contributes about 50% of the country’s foreign exchange earnings, 4.5% of employment and is forecast to grow at 13.3% in 2012.
  • Industry growth in the medium to long term, however, depends on the ability to attract investment into current and new projects, as well as investments into key infrastructure fundamental to sustainable development of mining, i.e. power and railroad transportation. Investment of $5-7 billion is needed to grow the sector as following: platinum 40%, gold 33%, diamonds 11%, coal 8%, chrome 4% and nickel 4%.
  • Zimbabwe remains behind in exploration as the country has not invested in exploration in the last 10 years.
  • Opportunities therefore exist for investors to explore Zimbabwe’s mineral wealth. The Government of Zimbabwe strongly recognizes the important developmental contributing that the private sector, both local and foreign can make by increasing investment in Zimbabwe.

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