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Opportunities for business exisit in the transport sector: Air, Rail, Road and SMEs for the domestic routes that can be serviced for the benefit of the general populace.

Air Transport

CAAZ is in the process of rehabilitating it's Airports Runways and Buildings joint partnerships are welcome in this regard for a brief overview of the scope of work and funding requirements in Millions of Dollars, see the list below

Harare International Airport
Extension of Terminal building, including repositioning of VIP state pavilion, and Installation of 3 Aerobridges  requires 62,5

Radar Surveillance
Surveillance equipment requires 25

Joshua Mqabuko Airport
Rehabilitation of runway and installation of AGL requires 35

Charles Prince
Rehabilitation of runway and taxiway and Construction of a new Terminal building requires 20

Hwange National Park
Runway Rehabilitation of  4km Runway requires 15

Rehabilitation of runway and 300m extension and rehabilitation of building requires 20

Construction of new runway, taxiway, apron Building, new terminal building and access road requires 173

Rehabilitation and  Construction of a new terminal building requires 10

Construction of Asphalt overlay and new Terminal building requires 20

Buffalo Range
Rehabilitation and extension of runway from 1578m to 4000m and  Construction of a new terminal building  requires 15

Mutare Grand Reef   
Construction of new runway, taxiway, apron building, new terminal building and access road requires 173



As we prepare for a restoration of the greatest ever economy in the Southern Region of Africa Railway lines will be busier than ever before and here is your opportunity to be part and parcel of this huge Rehabilitation of the rail network, Rehabilitation of the rail track, Refurbishment of traction and rolling stock, Rehabilitation of the signalling and telecommunications system.

The following routes will be concessioned and all rehabilitation works will be done through PPP funding. Private players will operate their rolling stock.

  • Harare-Machipanda [Forbes border post (Zimbabwe/Mozambique)]      
  • Dabuka to Chicaulacuala [Sango border post (Zimbabwe/Mozambique)]
  • Harare-Dabuka- Beitbridge                                       
  • Vic. Falls – Bulawayo –Dabuka- Harare



Vast opportunities await you in the Construction of toll gates, Installation of computerised accounting system for accountability and effective monitoring of funds and as you may have guessed these roads are waiting to be rehabilitated.

  • Buchwa-Rutenga-Boli- Sango Border Post (203km)
  • Mt Darwin-Mukumbura (80km)
  • Bindura-Shamva (7km)
  • Wedza-Sadza (22km)
  • Kwekwe-Lupane (40km)
  • Murambinda-Birchenough Bridge (123km)
  • Gutu-Kurai (22km)
  • Headlands- Mayo (40km)
  • Mvurwi-Kanyemba (150km)

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